“Fame” takes it to the Heights at GALA

 Entertainment   Sat, May 18, 2019 03:01 PM

Washington, DC - Long before the final curtain, the audience was on their feet. I was on my feet.  “Fame” is fantastic. GALA’s production is stellar. It’s another coup for the company.

Salgado’s direction of music and dance, song and story combine for an exceptionally enjoyable entertainment. Playing a central role in GALA’s nine Helen Hayes Awards for last season’s sensational “In The Heights,” Salgado has returned with a cast drawing on Broadway and Hollywood experience, as well as outstanding local talent.

With a cast as rich in ability and energy at this, it’s one delight after another. From big roles to small, there’s sizzle in all of them.  To mention a handful:

·         Romainson Romain is impossible to ignore as Tyrone Jackson. His unique “Urban fusion” is Cirque de Soliel in a confined space!

·         Alan Thomas has a voice that “Fame” deserves. Her moves compliment her vocals. She’s a treat as Mabel Washington.

·         Speaking of vocals, Carlos Daniel St. Lazar is delightful as Nick Parea.

·         Rafael Buto is perfectly obnoxious and ego centric as Joe Vegas.

·         For a stout guy, Bryan Ernesto Menjivar knows how to move it on stage.

·         Even young collegiate talent like Kramer Kwalic shower the stage with energy and infuse the musical.

Salgado, Menjivar and Valeria Cosu have wired these dancers to song beautifully.

For decades, Hugh and Rebecca Medrano have led GALA in every imaginable role, on stage and off. They have built a wealth of experience, and are a source of endless energy, for the company. GALA’s current production of “Fame” only underscores how good this company really is.

If you’d like to get seats, do not wait.

For more information on “Fame” at GALA click http://www.capitalwirepr.com/pr_description.php?id=60a605f3-732c-331a-5cc3-5cbe0fc44449   or visit www.galatheatre.org.


By T.L. Oliver