2019 Entrepreneurship / Information Technology Conference, Sept. 10th

 Technology   Thu, August 15, 2019 10:54 PM

Washington, DC - Dialogue on Diversity's 2019 Enterprise and Technology Conference will be held on September 10th from 11am to 3:30pm at the Microsoft Innovation & Technology Center, 901 K St NW, in Washington, DC.

What You Will Find ... What Will You Learn ? The Lore and Lure of Entrepreneurship in the Midst of the Twenty-First Century
The New Furniture and the Inviting New Lights of a Novel Era — Here is Your Invitation.  What is today’s Entrepreneurship?
The Plans — the Style — the Rewards
Is it Ever too Early to learn the secrets of STEM? — or STEAM!
Is it Ever too Late when young people resolve to learn the rudiments of Science and Mathematics?
What is Coding in the mysterious world of Computers? When is it time to wake up and set out on the exciting road to Coding Expertise ?
What are the choice forms of business organization? Partnerships, S-Corp, or the storied LLC: the new body that is transforming the structures of the business world.
Is the Best Enterprise the one that works hand in hand with the Special Style and Language and Techniques of Cross-Border Partners?
How can the Small Enterprise be part of the Information Technology Revolution for Prosperity and for Health/Wellness as well?  
What is the Internet of Things? Your IoT System: Can the functions of Inventory Management, Finances, Marketing, and Product Design be part of a large – your own – Internet of Things Network?

To register visit www.dialogueondiversity.org