DC Councilmember Robert White Calls for Resignation of DCPS Chancellor Wilson

 Government   Sun, February 18, 2018 01:09 PM
Washington, DC—Today, Councilmember Robert White calls for the resignation of DC Public Schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson."I have lost confidence in our DC Public Schools leadership. Just months after Chancellor Antwan Wilson helped write a policy to prohibit public officials from obtaining discretionary school transfers, he has broken that policy, and with it, the trust of our DCPS parents and students. This violation comes just days after an internal investigation revealed a widespread culture of passing students who had not met the DCPS requirements, which led to 34% of students graduating with the assistance of policy violations, in all but two DCPS high schools.
As a member of the DC Council, I have seen no accountability within DCPS central office. With a persistent achievement gap, high teacher turnover, and mounting education scandals, the cornerstones for rebuilding our schools must be public trust and accountability. Without these, the future of our public schools is in jeopardy.
We expect DCPS leadership to follow its own policies and to report accurate data. It has done neither. I do not believe Chancellor Wilson can rebuild the confidence of the community or the Council with this latest breach of trust and, therefore, he must resign."
Rebekah Caruthers, Communications Director
202 256-7154