Updated NLAAD Website & Registration of NLAAD Events and HIV testing kits request form available for 2019 NLAAD's campaign

 Health   Wed, September 11, 2019 11:55 AM

New York City, NY - Now that our website has been updated, you can visit us at www.nlaad.org 

You can also go to our website and click on the Register link at our main menu.

We have secured a donation of HIV testing kits for the organizations who will be hosting an NLAAD event, through partnerships with ORASURE and BioLytics (INSTI). Unfortunately due to a supply constrain, Abbott won't be able to provide with support this year.


These test kits are available now, and in order to obtain a set of 25 kits for an NLAAD event, it is required to register the event on our website www.NLAAD.org, or directly at this link  http://bit.ly/NLAAD2019 .


It is estimated that in the USA one of every seven individuals living with HIV does not know they have the virus, therefore testing continues to be an important tool as we work towards ending the epidemic.
Luis Mares (212) 584-9315, lmares@latinoaids.org