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Washington, DC Dialogue on Diversity presents its ninth annual Colloquium, part of the international celebration of Internet Data Privacy Day, exploring the past, present, and future of the internet – and the fortunes of classic privacy values in the face of the advances in information technology and other hi- and lo-tech innovations.  Some questions —

ü  What is Privacy?   — a Power to Exclude Observation,   a Sphere of Reasonably Expected Security,  a Package of “Property” Interests in the Subject’s “Effects”,  a Juridically Defined List of Restraints on Observation?  Or a typically American Mélange of all these?

ü  Can Privacy Protections be Made Part of System Design in IT Installations, Here and Abroad – Commercial and Governmental ?    Cyber-security:  the Name of the Game.

ü  A Right of Oblivion – May Subjects Demand Erasure of their Traces? –  the Evolving European and U.S. Legal Realms.

ü  Governmental Surveillance and Data Collection     Hacking  and  Encryption.      

ü  The Convoluted Economics of the Internet    Is there a Tacit Bargain:  A Customized Internet Experience for Me – Paid for with My Secrets ?  Your Profile packaged by Data Brokers for their Commercial Clients.

ü  Privacy Values and Legal Protections – Special Questions of Student Privacy;  Unmanned Aircraft Surveillance;   the Advancing Reach of IT Applications in the Health Care Industries;   High Drama on the Highway:  The License Plate Readers          

ü  Medical records – Can Engineering Produce Solutions to the Privacy Conundrums?     

ü  The Evolving Social Media – Informal Communicative Sharing to the Focus and Stress of a Commercial Interface.   Kids Loose in the Internet Jungle – Who Will Care for Them?

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