Fifth Annual Latin America Energy Conference – Transition and Recovery

 International   Mon, September 13, 2021 06:29 PM

Washington, DC - 2021 has been a year of transition for Latin America’s energy sector. Midterm elections in Mexico altered political dynamics, while major votes are on the horizon next year in Brazil and Colombia—ushering in changes to energy policy in these countries. Rising social unrest and local opposition to energy projects have impacted investments throughout the region. As economies seek to rebuild in the wake of Covid-19, the energy sector will be paramount for economic recovery and growth. Advances in the energy transition also bring new opportunities for Latin America, from biofuels to carbon capture and storage. The start of the Biden administration this year has led to increased cooperation on areas such as clean energy technology and climate finance.

In this context, the Fifth Annual Latin America Energy Conference will convene energy company executives, US and Latin American government officials, and international and nongovernmental organizations to discuss the most pressing energy policy issues in the hemisphere.

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