MMTC's 9th Annual Broadband and Social Justice Summit - February 6th, 2018

 Technology   Thu, January 11, 2018 07:48 PM
Washington, DC - MMTC's 9th Annual Broadband and Social Justice Summit, Bridging the Gap to Our Digital Future, is scheduled for February 6, 2018.

This year's Summit highlights how the intersection of media, telecom, and tech policy impacts us all, from the digital elite to our most vulnerable communities. Thought leaders from government, industry, and advocacy groups address the top issues:

  • FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, along with current FCC Commissioners and former FCC Chairs, discuss the latest policy developments in net neutrality, the Lifeline program, media incubators, FCC's Advisory Committee on Diversity, small diverse businesses and new entrants, upcoming spectrum auction, 5G, and more.
  • Town Hall addressing Smart Cities, elections, political advertising on minority-owned media, voter participation, and the impact of the proposed all-digital 2020 Census on communities of color.
  • Apprenticeship and the Future of Work - The impact of  automation on jobs, and how to capitalize on careers and business opportunities in broadband, connecting infrastructure, supplier diversity, and registered apprenticeships.
  • FinTech Empowerment - How financial technology helps to close the wealth gap, and the benefits and costs of incorporating broadband in financially marginalized communities.
  • A General Counsels' Forum addressing privacy, big data, artificial intelligence, and algorithm discrimination, and the importance of intellectual property protection in a knowledge economy.
  • Awards Luncheon and Evening Reception - MMTC confers our 2018 Corporate Social Impact, Pro Bono, and FinTech Empowerment Awards
Topics to be addressed during the breakfast include:
Net neutrality; the Lifeline program; MMTC's Katrina petition; incubators; the Commission's Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment (including tech diversity, supplier diversity, digital divide, broadcast development, and radio reform); media structural issues; procurement; infrastructure; privacy; issues that affect new entrants and small businesses in the upcoming spectrum auction; and 5G.