National Study of Latino COVID-19 Infection Dynamics to be Discussed Online Today

 Health   Tue, August 04, 2020 06:24 PM


Washington, DC – A national study of social and structural drivers of COVID-19 diagnoses and deaths among Hispanic/Latinos will be discussed in an on-line community health forum on Wednesday, August 5th starting at 3pm EST.

Latinos have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.  As of June 8, 2020, they account for one in three (33%) of all confirmed COVID-19 cases in the U.S.

Furthermore, Latinos account for approximately one in five of all confirmed COVID-19-related deaths in the U.S. 

The panel will discuss the findings of the study " Risk for COVID-19 infection and death among Latinos in the United States: Examining heterogeneity in transmission dynamics". This study is the first nationwide analysis of COVID-19 cases and deaths among Latinos.

Participants include:

  • Carlos E. Rodriguez-Diaz, PHD of George Washington University
  • Jeffrey S. Crowley, MPH of Georgetown University
  • Melissa Marzan-Rodriguez DrPH of Ponce Health Science University, and
  • Gregorio A. Millett, MPH of AmfAR-the Foundation for AIDS Research

"We found that crowded housing, air pollution, jobs in the meatpacking and poultry industry and other factors put Latinos at high risk of COVID-19 infections and death," said lead author of the study Carlos E. Rodriguez-Diaz, Ph.D., MPH.

These researchers will expand on their findings to call for multi-level structural interventions to address inequities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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