Dialogue on Diversity 2018 Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Conference

 Technology   Mon, August 20, 2018 02:08 PM

Washington, DC (CapitalWirePR) August 20, 2018 – Dialogue on Diversity presents its 2018 Entrepreneurship and Information Technology Conference this September 7th from 11am to 2:30pm in the Rayburn House Office Building, Banquet Room 2043, in Washington, DC.

  •  The strange New  Furniture and the Inviting New Lights of a Fresh  Novel  Era —  these are  Your Invitation.    What   is  today’s  Entrepreneurship?       .  . .   the Plans    . . .  the  Style     . . .  the Rewards


  • ·         Is it ever too early to learn the secrets of  STEM  ?     or  STEAM  !


  • ·         Is it Ever too Late  when young people  resolve to learn the rudiments of Science and Mathematics?


  • ·         What is  Coding  in the mysterious world of computers?   When is it time to wake up and start on the exciting road to  Coding  expertise?   


  • What are the choice forms of business organization?   Partnerships,  S-Corp, or the storied  LLC :  the lithe new body that that is transforming the structures of  the business world.    


  • ·         Is the Best Enterprise the one that works hand in hand with the Special Style and Language and Techniques of Cross-Border Partners? 


  • ·         How can the small enterprise be part of the Information Technology Revolution?


  • ·         What is the Internet  of  Things?  [Your  IoT  System]   Can the functions of inventory management,  finances,  marketing, and Product Design be part of a large – your own – Internet of Things Network?

To register click www.dialogueondiversity.org

703 631 0650 dialog.div@prodigy.net