The Explosive Growth of Private Security in Latin America

 International   Tue, March 20, 2018 09:50 PM

 Washington, DC -Latin America and the Caribbean is the world's most violent region, with 19 of the 20 most violent cities and four of the five most violent countries. This has driven rapid growth in Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs), to the point where over 16,000 firms employ an estimated 2.4 million people in the region. This proliferation of private security creates a wide variety of challenges, from concerns over human rights and excessive use of force to perpetuating a wide and growing "security gap" between socioeconomic groups. 

What are the long-term implications and risks of this trend? Are governments in Latin America doing enough to keep pace in regulating the explosive growth of private security? How can the Montreux Document, an international document recalling the pertinent international legal obligations and good practices for states, help guide policy best practices in the region? 

The Dialogue is pleased to partner with the Embassy of Switzerland for an open discussion on these and other questions. The Dialogue's Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program will also present a new report on priorities for regulating private security in Latin America. 

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Opening Remarks:

  •  Martin Dahinden, Ambassador of Switzerland to the United States (@Martin_Dahinden)


  • Claudia Paz y Paz, Secretary for Multidimensional Security, Organization of American States (@ClaudiaPazyPaz)
  • Eric Tardif, Legal Advisor at the Regional Delegation for Mexico and Central America, International Committee of the Red Cross 
  • Adam Blackwell, Vice President, Development Services Group (@adamblackwell3)


  • Michael Camilleri, Director, Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program (@camillerimj)