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Washington, DC - It emerged as a dream in the diaspora of Argentine expatriates who benefitted from President Jimmy Carter’s human rights policies in 1978.  This allows many Argentines to arrive to the U.S. to escape state terrorism.  Most confronted many communications point of view and misperceptions. But a large part of the process is strategically made public. The public knows that "Argentina has contributed to the world, tango and human rights".


Transnational civic to foster solidarity in the country of origin. Cultural relations rely on the fact that a rising number of people belong to different places at the same time, due to immigration and the use of technology. As a result, they carry more than one national culture and can create bonds between countries. The Fest Prospectus of the Argentine Festival in the United State began in 1987, as comprehensive humble and exciting annual event that brings together different cultures and generations. Argentinity in all its expression becomes a cause for celebration in itself for those who live outside the country. Seeking to serve their Argentine and Latin American compatriots, associates, embassies, entrepreneurs, sponsors, exhibitors, artists, and volunteers. It is a tool to expose artists, products, and services in the Washington DC - Arlington area to participate annually in-person.


In 1987 DC - Arlington is the site of our Festival Argentino of inclusion and diversity that give rise and hope to the Latino newcomers’ dream. More than 30 years later, the Washington Memorial in the Capital still proposes itself as a City of diversity. In various locations that are strongly linked to the history of the great metropolitan region and innovation, from Capitol Hill to the Dupont Circle and Arlington National Landing, representatives of International Diplomacy will meet during events that will be attended by an audience of political scientists, entrepreneurs, journalists, music arts lovers, university students and those interested in the artists and art diplomacy of a Festival.

The Fest expanded Diplomacy, International Relations and International Trade. The aim is to provide a new and original overview of the festival and how it has influenced its history in Argentina and in the United States. #Outreach: Activates and promotes culture, its companies both large and small, and its benefits as a country #culturaldiplomacy#softpower #businessoutreach#internationalrelations.

About the Event, the Exhibitor Fest is where SMEs, businesses, arts & crafts, public officials, academics, entrepreneurs, media, tech, and students will have a space for the dissemination of talent in coordination with arts, exhibitors, products and services that can be applied to cities and regions.

Advocacy Diplomatic’s Process: In 1994 the Argentine Cultural attaché D. Blacovich visited the festival, and, as a result, Raúl Granillo Ocampo was the first Argentine Ambassador to participate, which opened the door for institutional support.

“Daniel has been always an active patriot and a promoter of Argentinian Culture in the USA. I remember him, during my two periods as argentinian ambassador in Washington, working hard and mobilizing the Argentinian American community showing how close are our interest”, expressed Diego Guelar, former Argentinian ambassador in Washington. As well as Diego Ramiro Guelar (1999 & 2002), José Octavio Bordón (2003-2004) and, Héctor Timerman (2008) also visited us.

Two centuries of History is the name of 2008 Album / Calendar made by the Embassy of the United States in Argentina. The Argentine Festival was included in the calendar with photographs to be part of the Two Centuries of the History in Bilateral Relations between the United States and Argentina. Earl Anthony Wayne, U.S. Ambassador to Argentina, approved the Calendar in Buenos Aires.

The anecdote: Ambassador Earl A. Wayne planned an international event in Buenos Aires with videos. We delivered to him; we were invited to the reception and authorized to disseminate our trajectory to the national and international press. This event was not held because of because of different issues. Later on, the Fest won the outreach award in Arlington.

Marcelo Cima was the Cultural Head-Chief of the Argentine Embassy who launched the support to include the festival in the programmed “Argentina at the Smithsonian 2010”. "As a young diplomat, at that time the festival was a big challenge for me. Washington is one of the top Embassies and we cannot make mistakes. Therefore, we put all our human capacity to help Daniel with this idea that represented us all. It was rejoicing to see all that people enjoying our culture. If the Festival was not created by Daniel and their volunteers, we should do it ourselves", tell us Marcelo Cima.

The Argentine Festival has been a very special partner in the year series "Argentina 2010 in the Smithsonian". “You make an admirable effort to promote the best of Argentina's culture in Arlington, Virginia and present it in an accessible way. The festival is a unique integral show of tango, folklore, rock / pop, arts and a great example of the cultural efforts of our local Latino community”, says Mr. Ranald Woodaman, Smithsonian Latino Center’s Exhibitions and Public Programs Director.

At the end of 2012, Argentine-Dialogue Delegation’s lead by Eduardo Diez meet the Mayor in D.C. and invited the festival to help advocate for intercultural and tourism exchange in the bilateral relation. Always promoting ties and bonds between Argentine American culture. Cultural diplomacy has essentially to do with face-to-face gatherings in embassies, whether for concerts, art shows, festivals, or wine tastings. “The personal connection is key to promoting the best of your country’s soft power” said Gerry Diaz Bartolome, the former Embassy of Argentina’s Deputy Chief of Mission, and we are also deeply honored to announce that the festival will have a personal message from His Excellency Jorge Argüello, the 75th Ambassador of the Argentine Republic (2021).

Sergio Polite, Journalist and Media Advisor presented the Festival Argentino’s Mission Statement to the Senate of Argentina. On June 22, the consensus was built, and Senator Clara Vega of La Rioja’s Province of Argentina’s project declares the Argentine Festival in Virginia, United States, of cultural interest by the Argentine Senate.

As Marianna Anabel Crudi says in "The role of Argentine sub-state entities in national diplomacy", the benefits derived from diplomacy carried out by non-governmental organizations far outweigh the challenges faced, meanwhile it contributes to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. These channels of cooperation opened by cities and provinces, as well as by all those non-governmental organizations and universities, play the role of complementary tools for national authorities in their efforts to meet their strategic objectives. It should be noted that non-governmental entities enjoy absolute freedom to attend the festival in Washington DC and to achieve their objectives and maximize their interests, with the sole condition of respecting the principles and values recognized by all in cultural diplomacy. Finally, the greater the diplomatic success of non-governmental organizations such as the Argentine Festival, groups of entrepreneurs and SMEs, the greater the willingness to coordinate policies and programs with local and national government authorities, always recognizing that both parties form a win-win relation.

 It is also a promoter of the cultural, economic, and tourist activities of Argentina in Arlington County, and aims to promote the metropolitan area, towards the Spanish speaking and International Communities. Estimates for attendance include 45,0000 since 1987. The festival was voted the "Gold Presidential Service Lifetime Award Festival" by USDA readers in their 2010 and 2012 Video Readers' Choice. In 2020 he saw a virtual event given the health situation caused by COVID-19.  Argentineans are hoping to leverage this rating for increased global presence and prestige of the festival. The Argentine culture with its creative industries and to appreciate and make Argentine talent known abroad as an added value in itself.

The festival highlighted a series of work of over 35 living Argentine artists who demonstrates the Argentine music power and Latino musical heritage, including established artists like “Los 4 de Cordoba”, Pancho Figueroa & Facundo Saravia “Los Chalchaleros”, Cesar Isella, Yaco Monti and Nito Mestre, as well as artists who are lesser-known outside of Argentina like Gaston Cordero and  Luna Sureña. This year the Festival will count with tango and pop concerts, hand-on-crafts, film screenings, artists’ dialogues, photography, spoken-word readings, culinary tradition, family day in an Argentine Day during Hispanic Heritage Month with Hispanic and American Communities.

Arts Focus: Collaboration has long been the cornerstone of the Festival Argentino, one of Arlington’s most highly anticipated events, presented by the Argentine Committee and programmed by Arlington Arts. This year’s theme is “Together: Celebrating Argentina!”

A portion of the sales made from tickets to the event will benefit the Pascuala Mugaburu school in Mar Del Plata, Argentina.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the Festival Argentino in the Thomas Jefferson Theater! The performance portion of the event, includes: dancers, singers, folk, rock, pop, tango and world music. This year’s lineup of entertainers are: Diego Iriate first voice of the Suquia, Daniel Bouchet showman international of tango and pop, Cristian Moya, Gastón Cordero, Le Manch, Pedro Atencio, Salvatore, Daniel & Ramona, Gabriel Gaumond and Catrinel Iftode, Liza & Alexey Semyonov, Annabella Lapasta, and, Luis Angel TBC Capital Tangueros. Additionally, the Festival Argentino is celebrating the comeback of Argentine beef! Onsite there will be an opportunity to find out more about one of Argentina’s most well-known exports.

Your presence strengthens us, in the return. This year, the 34th Festival Argentino, scheduled for Saturday, September 18th combines live concert performances, a variety of food vendors, exhibitor booths for small businesses...and more!

The Festival Argentino is an opportunity for everyone to explore a little bit of South American culture and takes place moments away from the nation’s capital!

¡Your help is very important to give partial benefit to the Cooperator of the Mugaburu School of Mar del Plata and help a student to finish elementary school! ¡We were declared of Cultural Interest by the Senate of Argentina!

There is a raffle with a round trip ticket to a Destination in Argentina. Courtesy of Copa Airlines. It will be raffled, and you participate with the admission ticket. You must be present to win.

With great pride we invite you to participate in the Festival Argentino USA!

The program is supported in part by the Arlington Cultural Affairs Division of Arlington Economic Development and the Arlington Commission for the Arts, Embassy of Argentina, small businesses, media & volunteers.

ABOUT THE FOUNDER OF THE FESTIVAL ARGENTINO Find out more about the Founder of the Festival Argentino, Mr. Daniel Manzoni, who has been engaging the Hispanic community in the Washington Metro area by organizing this event for over 30 years! He has been featured in the Washington Post - see article here. In addition, these articles in Spanish language publications highlight his many successes: Perfil, La Nacion

Daniel Manzoni has received the Volunteer Presidential Service, a prestigious award given by The White House to individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too.

The Festival Argentino is committed to following safety guidelines to ensure that participants and guests are safe at all times.

Daniel Manzoni Gold Presidencial Volunteer Service Award Comite Argentino del Area DC