Community Activist Launches Progressive Button Offering Caring People a way to Show Solidarity With Worthy Causes

 Community   Tue, April 18, 2017 08:03 PM

 Santa Ana, CA - Community Activist Alex Flores Launches Progressive Button Offering Caring People a way to Show Solidarity With Worthy Causes


The political environment in America may be more charged than ever.  Undocumented immigrant and acclaimed activist Alex Flores understands this deeply and is stepping up to help.  Alex recently launched Progressive Button, offering buttons supporting a wide range of positive, progressive causes and donating $1 back to progressive orgs for every button sold, setting a $50,000 donation goal.


Having a voice, and sending a powerful message on important issues today in the “Trump Era” may be more important than ever.  The challenge, many experts argue, is finding ways to do this in compelling, thought provoking and positive ways.  In good news in this area, California community activist, award winning scholar and undocumented Mexican immigrant Alex Flores has based his new progressive business around this concept.  Recently announcing the launch of Progressive Button, a company that offers premium quality, affordable buttons covering an incredible range of progressive causes, Alex is fully committed to practicing what he preaches – by donating $1 for every button sold to credible progressive organizations, with a $50,000 goal set for the project.


“As an undocumented immigrant myself, I chose not to stand idly by amid ongoing attacks on oppressed groups, including my own,” commented Flores about his work.  “Progressive Button is my vision to help others showcase their supportive views on issues with significant impacts, while also raising charitable contributions.”


According to Progressive Button, some highlights of the buttons they offer include designs like: the Anti Racism Anti Sexism Anti Trump button; Black Lives Matter button; Climate Change is Real Button; Defend the Free Press button; Equality button; Immigration is our Foundation and My Body My Choice, to name just a few.  New designs are added on a very regular basis and all the buttons can be viewed on the Progressive Button website.


In addition to being a well respected and experienced community activist (remarkably the city of Santa Ana, declared June 2nd “Alex Flores” day to show appreciation for his hard work in the city), Flores has also seen previous success as an entrepreneur, founding the quite successful local sunglasses business, Unum Sunglasses in 2013, providing quality, universal sunglasses in a bold range of colors.


The early feedback for Progressive Button has been positive across the board.


Michelle E., from Santa Ana, recently said in a five star review, “Progressive Button is completely awesome.  I've already bought four buttons and my order for the next five will go out any day now.  Fully recommended!”


For more information be sure to visit Alex 714-474-8768




Alejandro Flores 714-474-8768