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Washington, D.C.Driftwood or Dynamic Dialogue on Diversity presents its 2019 Public Policy Forum — an annual program highlighting key issues at the intersection of social justice and economics and law. The Forum is set for presentation on Thursday, April 25th in Washington at the new 450 K Street, N.W. site of the fabled Busboys and Poets restaurant and book store.  Ma. Cristina Caballero, Dialogue on Diversity’s president, sums up the agenda: “from STEM studies and neighborhood legacy effects, from domestic violence, trafficking, and the wage gap, to the rise of women’s influence in global arenas, and life, limb, and rights imperiled in the Middle East – all are on the bill.”

Here are some very few of the questions you will encounter, and what you will learn —

Ø  What are the numbers of Domestic Violence Incidents?  If you were a target of abuse would you be Afraid or Ashamed to relate your experience?  In fleeing the abusive household would you find a ready network of supportive friends or relations?  Would you have the economic resources to make it alone?  What is the breaking point — when does counseling give way to flight?  


Ø  Do you encourage your daughter, or young friends of Latino, African, or other minority heritage to plunge into the hard sciences, the STEM studies?  What may be the role of the A in STEAM ? – the cultivation of an Artistic sensibility in a mathematician or a microbiologist?  Would you point these young subjects to actual entry into science, engineering, or other technological careers?


Ø  Do you live in an Empathetic society?  More or less than your grandparents did?  Does the “Social Safety Net” make our society more productive or less?  Did your ethnic background help or hurt your economic chances?   Does Gender aid or impair your economic options?


Ø  The U.S. is said to be a Society of Immigrants.  Is it a Society of Refugees as well?  Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan have received millions of persons fleeing dangers in Iraq and Syria.  Should Americans compensate these countries? Should Americans take in and re-settle comparable numbers?  Should U.S cities shelter hunger refugees from Venezuela? 


Ø  A young girl, age 12 or 13, is befriended by a kindly rescuer from a dangerous life on the streets of NY. The rescuer, it turns out, is a Trafficker.  She is held coercively as a sex worker for the next six years.  Knows only one trade. Does not seek her family. Is prosecuted:  Who wins?  Should laws provide sympathetically for her case?  Should investigative resources be increased?  Does anyone care?  

Among Invited Speakers and Collaborative groups for the 2019 Public Policy Forum 

Connie Freeman, Director, Gates of Ballston Community Center, Ana Harvey, former Director, Small and Local Business Development, D.C. Government, Ruby Corado, founder, Casa Ruby, Washington, D.C. Luz Patricia Mejía,, Technical Secretary, MESECVI (DV Convention), OAS; Alex Nowrasteh, Cato Institute, Toni Zollicoffer,, Director, Women and Domestic Violence Services, Fairfax County, VA,  Blanche Cotlear, Director, Jorge Sodero, Senior Counselor, Vida Senior Center    Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs,  Southwest Airlines,  The Latino Coalition,  D.C. Safe,  Clínica del Pueblo – Entre Amigas, and further organizations serving Latina and other Women’s groups.


Friends of the Dialogue and all who share a vital interest in the currents of public policy are invited to register at www.dialogueondiversity.org



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