AMEXCAN Condemns Trump’s Decision to Terminate DACA

 Immigration   Thu, September 07, 2017 01:36 PM

Greenville, NC- The Association of Mexicans in North Carolina, Inc. (AMEXCAN) strongly disapproves of the action taken by the Trump administration to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

            DACA granted roughly 800,000 young adults, whom arrived as children to the U.S., the opportunity to live, study, and work in the United States. These Dreamers as they came to be known, willfully came out of the shadows, exposed their undocumented status, and trusted in our government to allow them to live, study, and work legally.
            Now, Trump and his administration, have betrayed these young people who by no choice of their own came to this country and chose to follow the law. The Dreamers chose to put the fate of their future in our government, they followed proper procedures to attain a legal status, and now the Trump administration has deceived their trust and made their future uncertain.
            It is difficult to ignore the fact that this action by the Trump administration is just another act of racism and prejudice towards the migrant community. It is even more difficult to ignore that acts like there serve as an appeasement to his followers, who he promised that he would rid the country of immigrants.
            Terminating DACA was an act of a coward. Trump has not been able to deliver his so-called “wall” to his followers, so now he is targeting innocent children who put their faith in our government. Kids who followed the rules, kids who are using this opportunity to educate themselves, serve our country in the armed forces, and contribute to the economy as an overall vital workforce that benefits the entire nation.
            AMEXCAN will not sit idly by as this injustice threatens the livelihood of these Dreamers. As an organization we pledge to put pressure on congress to bring back DACA. Dreamers we are with you, this cruel and shameful act will not go undisputed.
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