Culture   Wed, June 07, 2017 11:06 AM


New York, NY – Internationally renowned Argentine sculptor Vivianne Duchini visited New York this spring to much acclaim to present some of her most recent work.


She displayed her work in New York for the first time on May 19.  During an elegant private reception in Westchester County, north of New York City, Duchini unveiled six new sculptures that she prepared for the exhibit, including two of her monumental horses.   She also gave several talks in New York City where she discussed her work and her extensive career in the arts. 


“This exhibit in New York is a dream come true,” said Duchini.  “I came to Bedford to visit a friend seventeen years ago and remember instantly falling in love with the beautiful landscape and the horses.  I told my friend in Bedford that one day I wanted to show my sculptures in this area.” 


Her dream become a reality on May 19 of this year, when she presented her work at a private estate in Westchester.  Her sculptures received a very warm reception and she was pleased to have already sold some of her works.  Her sculptures will be on display for the duration of the summer. 


Duchini began her work in sculpture making clay horses when she was only five years-old.  Over time, her work became recognized and in demand and she became one of the most sought after sculptors in the region.  Known above all for her monumental bronze sculptures of horses and dogs, she has been commissioned by public and private clients around the world. 


Perhaps, her highest profile piece is “Tropilla,” a monumental group of horse sculptures commissioned by the Four Seasons Hotel in Buenos Aires.   The hotel was looking for an iconic sculpture to be placed in front of its entrance.  ”It was a big challenge for me to develop a piece of art that represents the spirit of Buenos Aires and at the same time can transcend time,” said Duchini.  The final work is perhaps one of the most spectacular modern pieces or art in the city.


Duchini is looking forward to continuing to work in the area and plans to return to New York soon to work in designing and making new sculptures.

Marcela Miguel Berland