DC Latino Caucus Statement on Ed Gillespie

 Politics   Mon, November 06, 2017 09:30 AM

Washington, DC - The DC Latino Caucus, the political voice of Latinos in the DC metropolitan area, denounces Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial candidate for governor Ed Gillespie’s use of demeaning and discriminatory rhetoric about immigrants in his campaign advertising.
Virginia is home to generations of Latinos born and raised in and out of state. These Virginians are contributors, both consistent and noteworthy, to their communities. Profiling them as MS-13 gang members, utilizing campaign resources to stereotype Latinos as violent, and falsely stating that non-existent sanctuary cities in Virginia are the foundation of growing crime rates is un-American.  Statements such as his are against the ethos of the United states and foundations upon which we thrive as a nation.
Gillespie’s message exacerbates the divisive politics of the Trump administration. Worse yet, it encourages the use of intimidation tactics and increased violence against them, against all people of color and their allies, against all of our communities. It endangers the future of our nation.
We join the growing list of political, civic and social organizations that denounce fear-based, anti-American "Down with Brown" campaign tactics utilized by candidates such as Gillespie. This despicable rhetoric is proof positive of one thing only: Edward Walter Gillespie fundamentally rejects core American values at the heart of our great union. 
We, the DC Latino Caucus, demand that Edward Walter Gillespie immediately cease and desist from use of Anti-American, supremacist political language, maneuvers, tactics, and rhetoric.
We encourage other organizations, residents and voting citizens to make their voices heard, especially at the ballot box during the election season.

Thank you for your continued support of the Latino community, 

DCLC Board of Directors

D.C. Latino Caucus information@dclc.org