Dialogue on Diversity Awards Certificates for Participation in STEM/STEAM Conference

 Community   Wed, September 12, 2018 10:27 PM
Washington, D.C.— Dialogue on Diversity presented its twenty fifth annual Entrepreneurship/IT Conference, STEAM — Power the XXI Century, Friday, September 7, at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill. This year’s agenda laid a heavy emphasis on technology studies, which are best begun at the elementary school level. Computer programing languages, like other languages, are most efficiently learned before the age of approximately fourteen years. STEM (the classic quartet of Tech studies: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) must form an early (to be sure, age-adjusted) phase in a years’ long education tailored to the technological needs of advanced societies worldwide.
The firm stress on Tech is the theme powering an increasing number of organizations, public and charter schools, private academies, and often adult-directed commercial schools as well, as they promote the sharp focus on STEM, and in particular the on basic skill of “coding”: the formulation and entry on your own keyboard of computer-understandable instructions for performing the swift and often quite complex tasks of managing words, diagrams, algebraic expressions, and the universe of languages.
We welcome 2018 Award Recipients for this year’s presentation. Watch for the 2019 version of the Awards for Dialogue on Diversity’s 26th presentation of the Entrepreneurship / IT Conference. Visit us at www.dialogueondiversity.org T. 703-631-0650  e-mail: dialog.div@prodigy.net
Certificates were awarded to some thirty organization representatives. Among these —
John Abbey of the Blue Streams Group
Derry Bigby, Center for Environment, Commerce, and Energy
Carolina Campbell of Comité Chiapaneco
Erica Clarke of Eclectic Caduceator
Veronica DaSilvam Ana G. Méndez University System
Prof. Maria Sevillano Ana G. Méndez University System
Melbaliz Santiago of the Ana G. Méndez University System
Hem Dhakal of the Barbara Chambers Children’s Center
Francisco Escobar, ASIS,Inc.
Saa Fillie, Wangoh Dynamics Technologies, Inc.
Endurra Gevan of International Business Kids
Gwendolyn Green, Alphabet Challenge
Brooke Guthrie of BDD
 Mark Johnson from Columbia University
Rafael Hernandez of Morrison and Foerster, LLP
Narcisse Kouatchou of Amazon
Alicia C. (“AC”) Lane for TechBridge Girls
Marc Littlejohn from the commercial giant Walmart
Samuel Nixon, Jr. of Humble1
Paula Orellana, of the National Life Group
Theodore Panglao from Washington’s National Gallery of Art
Carmen Pastor, head of Fuerza contra Alzheimer’s
Silvia Rathell ( Rathell Enterprises, Inc.)
Carmen Rojas Luke representing the Hispanic Business Foundation of Maryland
Masipula Sithole, of Rhythm for Recovery
Gary Smith of the IVY Planning Group
Cecilia Williams from the Virginia Latino Advisory Board
Maria Yang of the Organization of Chinese American Women.   
Harris Baylin, SMOB Candidate, Wheaton High School
Maritza Zermeño 703-631-0650